Hi, I'm Zakir Hyder

I have been developing softwares and web apps since 1999. I have experience in developing wide variety of web applications ranging from large social community platforms to business critical automation applications to shopping cart, and so on. I follow Agile methodologies of software development and I am specially fond of Scrum and stand-up. I do test driven development and create robust, tested code. I have developed application using PHP, Perl, Ruby. I have been developing apps on iOS platform.

Web Development

I have 5 years+ experience in PHP. I have been developing CakePHP Sites since 2007. I am confortable with any framework and open source software. I regularly blog about new things I learn.

Social App Development

I have been developing Facebook Apps since 2007. I have worked on development & maintenance of more than 100 Applications till now. I have developed website with deep integration of Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn and youtube api.

Black Box Testing

I write ruby code to check Web-App’s functionality. I use Rspec, Cucumber And Capybara With Selenium. I can check the functionality In Firefox, Safari And Chrome.

Git, Elasticsearch, iOS, twillo & others

I use git and github regularly for my work. I have one iOS app live on App Store. I have build an web app whcih uses twillo app. I manage LAMP servers.